Keep Moving Forward

Last year, I made a goal to run the Disney Half Marathon in 2016. Guess where I was marathon weekend? We were finishing up a Harry Potter movie marathon while eating.. well.. nothing good. A couple days later, I asked my husband if he would like to run the half marathon with me next year. Bless him, he said "Of course!" without skipping a beat. This interaction elicited a chuckle from others within earshot. Rightly so I suppose, but it got me thinking. 

One of Walt's most famous quotes is "Keep moving forward". So what does that mean for us? Well, for me, in that moment, it meant that my past mistakes weren't going to dictate the future. I can let them inform my decisions without weighing on them. Does failing once mean I am doomed to failure forever?  I often get down on myself when I don't accomplish a goal. It is easy for me to let my disappointment keep me from trying again. Well, not anymore!

I resolve to keep moving forward,  literally and figuratively. And this time will be different with a little accountability (now that I'm putting out there in the bloggerverse).

I will keep looking forward. I am a goal maker and I won't let this discourage me from keeping that up. So, I guess I should go strap on my running shoes, huh? I am not moving anywhere sitting in this computer chair! 

How are you going to move forward this year? Sound off in the comments and the rest of us can hold YOU accountable!