Make a Wish

Hi there. I have the perfect activity for your Aladdin movie night. Remember how much you used to love making friendship bracelets? Now is your chance to introduce this joy to your family! The idea is that you make  a bracelet out of thread or twine. Use beads or don't. Tie it on your wrist and make a wish. When it finally falls off, your wish will come true! 

The thinner the bracelet, the quicker it will wear out. I guess that is just common sense. Use your creativity or check out Pinterest. Search for wish bracelet or friendship bracelet and you will come up with innumerable options. For this one, i just used some cording. I braided it, tied a knot and slipped on my beads, then another knot, more braiding and tie it off. Easy peasy! 

This is such a cute little craft and a wearable reminder of the great family memories you made during your movie night! This printable is included in the Printable Aladdin Movie Night kit in my shop. Link up to your amazing wish bracelet creations in the comments!