Thank a Veteran Freebie

Well, we are wrapping up Veterans Week here and I have a pretty cool freebie for you. How many times have you seen a man or woman in uniform and wanted to thank them, but didn't? Maybe you felt a little embarrassed or your child was too shy to say anything. It can be totally awkward to walk up to a stranger to say thank you. I have created a printable that will help to alleviate some of that awkwardness. These are business card size so you can keep a few in your wallet for whenever you happen to come across one of these brave soldiers. This Mickey salute will definitely brighten their day and put a smile on his or her face!

This would also be a great teaching opportunity for your kids. People in uniform can be intimidating to children (or adults for that matter!), and sometimes they don't know what to say. You can help to teach them respect and appreciation by letting them give one of these cards to a vet without even having to speak a word! Even if you don't have little ones, it always gives you some perspective when you show  appreciation yourself.

Download the printable here. I suggest printing them on card stock so they hold up to being kept in your wallet. Thank a veteran today, and bonus points if you pay for their meal or buy them a drink and send this card over with it! 

Disney World Vacation Countdown Freebie

**This freebie has now expired. If you would like to purchase this PDF, please visit our shop!**

Time for Freebie Friday! Today, we have a great printable countdown for your next Disney World vacation. It is based on the theme song from Carousel of Progress. All you have to do is print it (or have it printed at your favorite photo store), frame it, and use a dry erase marker to keep track of how many days you have left until your trip! It is super easy and super cute, if I do say so myself.


Has anyone ever tried to photograph a framed picture? It is darn near impossible! But you get the idea.

Collect your freebie here.


I hope everyone enjoys this freebie, but, do it while you can! I think this one will be going in the shop soon :) Hurry back...

Father's Day Freebie

It is time for another edition of Freebie Friday! For those of you not lucky enough to be celebrating at WDW this weekend, we have created a printable to bring some of the magic home for a deserving man in your life. Disney's recent acquisition of Marvel and the success of The Avengers affords you the perfect opportunity to show him what a hero you think he is!

All you have to do is fill out the door hanger with his options for sustenance and ask him to choose what he wants. Have him hang it on his door the night before so you know what he has a hankering for without disturbing his much needed slumber. Saving the world is hard work, after all.


You may not be staying Polynesian concierge this year but, thanks to the internet, it could be like his breakfast is coming straight from Disney's kitchens. We already featured the Main Street Bakery Cinnamon Roll recipe on the blog this week. If you are looking for a few more viable options, here are some we think are great:

To download the freebie (which is in PDF format, by the way), click here.

To ensure none of this gets cut off, set the print size to "Fit to Page"

To ensure none of this gets cut off, set the print size to "Fit to Page"

I would suggest printing this Father's Day room service hanger on card stock. It will keep its shape better because it is strong; just like Dad.

Whatever you decide to do for your Dads, I hope you have a SUPER weekend! Sorry, I just couldn't resist :) Hurry Back...