Rounding Out Your Binder

Today's post is all about how to round out your Disney World trip planning binder. Our binders are pretty thorough but there are a few useful resources we LOVE.

Around here, dining is a BIG part of our vacations and the best way to plan our food experiences is to be prepared. That is why we love using the menus provided on They not only include the items on just about every menu in WDW, they include the prices too. That way, we can be totally indulgent but stay within our budget too!

Menu descriptions always sound delicious but, let's face it, not everything is actually quite as appetizing as it sounds. For some honest opinions with awesome pictures, head over to The Disney Food Blog. AJ does a GREAT job of describing and reviewing tons of menu items and almost every dining location in The World.

Nobody wants to be that person standing in the middle of the pathway at the entrance to the park looking at a map. Head over to the official Disney site to acquaint yourself with the layout before you arrive.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you already know the value of planning when it comes to your Disney World trip. Kick up your planning a notch by heading over to Touring Plans to see what the crowds will be like while you are there and get some awesome touring plans to help you avoid the lines.

If you are like me, a lot of your planning is done in front of the computer. Make your day a little bit more enjoyable and bring some of the magic home while you listen to Magical Mouse Radio. They have great attraction music and background loops directly from the Disney Parks.

I personally think one of the most invaluable resources we have available to us is the Disney community itself! Do yourself a favor and get active on a message board. I am all over DisBoards. If you ever have a question that you need an honest and, most of the time, quick response to, look no further than message boards. Talk to people who love Disney as much as you do and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available there!

What are your favorite resources when planning (or dreaming of) your next trip?

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