Top 5 Hats

Hi again! Today, I am going to write a bit of a silly post. I was looking through my Disney pictures and realized I have A LOT of hat pictures taken at Disney World! So, here are my top 5 for your viewing pleasure:

Not very many words today because the pictures speak for themselves! I am willing to bet you also have a ton of hat pictures. Why is it that they are so enjoyable to take? Link to your favorite hat picture in the comments and show me I'm not alone in this. Hurry Back!

Why I Plan

I know how important a well planned trip is and the lasting memories it can provide. To kick off our Top Ten Tuesday series, I will tell you exactly the kind of memories I am talking about. These are my top ten experiences I have had because I took the time to plan our vacation down to the very last detail.

10. Enjoying some air conditioning and space for my one year old to run around on the second floor of Columbia Harbor House. So many people don't even know there IS a second floor!

9. Savoring my first, much talked about, waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow refreshments in said air conditioning.

8. Enjoying a nap while 7 months pregnant in The Briar Patch. I never would have known that rocking chair existed but thank goodness I did my research! The line for Splash Mountain was long that day.


7. Eating our first meal at Le Cellier. Enough said.

6. Scheduling afternoon breaks to swim in the, surprisingly empty, pool.


5. Knowing exactly where to escape the rain. Wilderness Lodge is so beautiful and a great place to getaway from the crowds at Magic Kingdom.


4. Meeting our favorite server, Jeffro, at Whispering Canyon Cafe and being able to reserve a table with him on every subsequent trip.

3. Being the only two people on Haunted Mansion. This was our first ride ever and we had it all to ourselves because I know the best time to ride the attractions is during Wishes!

2. Introducing my family to Beverly ;)


1. Being treated like a celebrity by The Disney Company itself! I will tell you all about this experience someday but, for now, just know that this was a direct result of my tireless planning for a very special first trip we surprised my family with.


So, why do you plan? Let's hear about YOUR favorite WDW experiences!

Hurry back...

Emergency Broadcast

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to notify you of an emergency. You MUST stop what you are doing and check out this Disney World proposal RIGHT NOW.

I am not ashamed to say I have spent a good portion of today scrolling through the pictorial goodness on this photographer's blog. It is decided that I will have a photo session with her sometime in my life. Her photos are gorgeous!

Anyway, since you are accustomed to a top ten on Tuesdays, let me give you the top three things I love about this proposal photo story:

3. The simple fact that he hired a photographer to record this special moment in their life as a couple. Guys, take note! Your bride will be extraordinarily impressed and eternally grateful you thought to hire a photographer for this sweet day.

2. The future groom's smile is beyond precious! You can tell he is just BURSTING with excitement! 

1. Kimberly caught every emotion this soon-to-be bride experienced in the very short time it took her to compute exactly what was happening. Scrolling through the pictures, I can just feel the love captured in these photos. I actually teared up and I DARE YOU not to as well!